Appleton Estate Hearts Collection 94-95-99 100% Pot Still

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94, 95, 1999

Appleton Estate Hearts Collection 94-95-99 100% Pot Still

Appleton Estate is the oldest sugar plantation and distillery in Jamaica. Its sugar fields cover 11,000 acres of the Nassau Valley, located in the parish of Saint Elizabeth, and has been in operation since 1749. The distillery was purchased by J. Wray & Nephew in 1916, which since 2012 has become a subsidiary of the global drinks giant, Campari Group  appleton estate hearts collection  . It works with five double retort stills next to a column still and generally produces single blended rums by vatting the two distillates. In 1997, Appleton Estate became the first distillery in the entire spirits industry to employ a female master blender, Joy Spence.

This is a collaboration between Joy Spencer master Blender of Appleton Estate and Luca Gargano of Velier and includes three individual vintage bottlings of this Pure pot still rum.


Appleton 1994 26 years 60%
Appleton 1995 25 years 63%
Appleton 1999 21 years old 63%


Luca Gargano had announced their existence and their arrival several months ago, here they are very soon available. These three very old rums (vintages 1994, 1995 and 1999) are 100% pot still, at a high degree – nothing below 60% – and of course fully tropical aging. So that makes us sacred pieces on paper, especially since Appleton had never before offered this kind of rum, their know-how and their specialty being column blends and pot stills, balanced and rather easy. access. So this is really a first that is offered to us here, a first that makes our mouths water.In order to ensure the promotion and the exposure to this release, Velier put the small dishes in the big ones by sending boxes containing these three rums in 20cl format to a good number of journalists and amateurs of all kinds, the whole together with ‘a series of masterclasses in the presence of Joy Spence, Appleton’s master blender and Luca Gargano, Velier’s boss. I was lucky enough to receive this set and to be invited to one of these masterclasses. Here is what there is to remember.

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