Armand de Brignac Brut Gold (15L Nebuchadnezzar) (Ace of Spades)


Armand de Brignac Brut Gold (15L Nebuchadnezzar) (Ace of Spades)

Concluded wines from prior several years Armand de brignac brut gold champagne, called “vins de reserve” are blended in at somewhere around 10-fifty% of the entire volume as a way to obtain the taste, complexity, physique and acidity for the specified dwelling design. A little proportion of Champagnes are constructed from a single classic.

We are the globe’s most significant alcohol Market and The simplest way to store beer, wine and spirits. Our prospects belief us to become element in their life – their celebrations, get-togethers, dinners and silent nights in your own home.

Properly-drained, limestone and chalky soil defines Substantially in the area, which lend a mineral part to its wines. Champagne’s cold, continental local weather promotes enough acidity in its grapes but temperature variations from calendar year to year can develop considerable variation in between vintages. Even though vintage Champagnes are developed in Extraordinary a long time, non-classic cuvées are manufactured on a yearly basis from a mixture of various several years as a way to deliver Champagnes that retain a dependable home fashion.


The Cattier family, producers of Armand de Brignac, have a rich and storied history as an elite Champagne house.

In the tiny Champagne village of Chigny les Roses, the Cattiers have owned and cultivated family vineyards since 1763. Today, the house remains independently-owned and run by the family with a staff of fewer than 20 people. Patriarch Jean-Jacques Cattier oversees the Chateau’s wine production; with strictly limited annual yields, M. Cattier and his staff can ensure that the family’s artisanal winemaking traditions are kept alive in each bottle.

The Cattier cellars are among the oldest and deepest in Champagne, with three styles of architecture represented in the caverns: Gothic, Renaissance, and Roman; Armand de Brignac is aged in a special, gated section of the deepest part of these cellars, 119 steps underground.



Marvelously complex and full-bodied, its bouquet is both fresh and lively, with light floral notes.

On the palate, Brut Gold has a sumptuous, racy fruit character perfectly integrated with the wine’s subtle brioche accents.

The Champagne’s texture is deliciously creamy, with great depth paired with a long, silky finish.

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