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 High West is Utah’s first distillery High West 7000 Vodka , born in 1879. High West 7000 pays tribute to its high-altitude locale and its unique attributes, which lead to a great tasting vodka. This 80-proof vodka garners it’s crisp, clear taste from natural grains that are filtered with natural snow-melt at an elevation of 7000 feet. This superb water is combined with carefully distilled oats to give   its silky-smooth taste and rich mouthfeel. Best enjoyed where vodka is the primary ingredient, like neat, on the rocks, or in a Dry Martini.

Vodka Tastes Like: Creamy

Greg Seider, co-founder of Summit Bar and Manhattan Cricket Club, New York, NY

For Seider, vodka doesn’t have a flavor so much as it has a texture. “A great vodka is smooth with a creamy texture,” he says. “It has finesse and a long finish.” A bit like a great aria in an opera.

High West 7000 Vodka Tastes Like: Spice, Cream, Citrus and Pepper

Joaquín Simó, owner of Pouring Ribbons, New York, NY

Like DeGroff, Simó also makes distinctions between vodkas depending on the main ingredients from which they are made. “Wheat-based vodkas tend to be smooth and creamy, while rye-based ones have a touch of spice to them,” he says. “Potato-based vodkas can be a bit more oily in viscosity, while corn vodkas have a rounded sweetness to them. Subtle notes of citrus peels, cacao nibs, and cracked peppercorns are also teased out  —especially in the aromas.”

Utah, United States

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