Copperworks WA Peated American Single Malt Whiskey Release 042 (750ml)


Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey is created from 100% malted barley and twice-distilled in Scottish copper pot stills.
Release 042 was created from six casks of Washington State peated whiskey that were matured for more than five years. Each cask was brewed and distilled with 100% of the Copeland variety of barley that was grown in the Skagit Valley and then smoked during the malting process with peat from a lakebed on the Olympic Peninsula.

Peat is decomposed organic plant matter that has been compressed in the ground for thousands of years. Because plant matter differs in different parts of the world, peat flavors vary significantly as a result.

The Washington state peat burned during the malt drying process imparts a distinctive smoky flavor to the barley yielding for unique, earthy flavors in our peated whiskey releases.

Tasting Notes: Aromas present a rich tapestry of vanilla bean paste, ripe passion fruit, and pineapple, enhanced by a subtle smokiness. The barrel influence shines through first in the flavor notes with an early entry of candied almonds and salted caramel, later developing into a complex of oak and tannins. The finish is long and intricate with notes of pine sap, bread crust, and white pepper that trail into a delightful fig jam and fruit leather memory of your first sip. Repeat sips bring even more enjoyment!  

Limited release of 1,043 bottles.

51% ABV

750ml bottle

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