Deep Eddy Lime Vodka

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750ml, 1.76l

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Deep Eddy Lime Vodka is made with real lime juice absolut mandrin vodka  , our award-winning Deep Eddy Original Vodka, and lightly sweetened with real cane sugar. It is the perfect addition to the flavor lineup and while it mixes well with soda water, you should try one of our cocktail recipes  IT  is made with real lime juice and the award-winning Deep Eddy Original Vodka, lightly sweetened with real cane sugar. It mixes great with seltzer water, or try it in any lime-based vodka cocktail, such as a Gimlet or Moscow Mule absolut mandrin   .

Flavored Vodka
Texas, United States

Vodka Tastes Like: Everything from Fruit to Grass

Jon deBary, bar director of Momofuku, New York, NY

“The true goal of a vodka producer is to create a clean, pure distillate that retains some character of the base ingredient,” says deBary, in agreeance with many of the other bartenders surveyed. He goes into detail about how those base ingredients can affect vodka’s flavor: “For instance, one of my guilty pleasures, Ciroc vodka, which we serve at Ko and Má Pêche, is made from grapes, and has a distinctly fruity aroma and bright acidity. Ketel One, another one of our favorites, is made from wheat, and so the result is a softer texture. Aylesbury Duck vodka, which we use extensively, is made from Canadian rye and so it is slightly grassy and spicy.”

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