2020 Eagle Rare 17 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a rare bourbon that ages in oak barrels for nearly two decades and is only available in small quantities once a year, every fall. Sip this polished, well-aged whiskey to appreciate why patience is such a virtue. One of Five expressions released as the Buffalo Trace 2020 Antique Collection

Size: 750ML

Proof: 101 (50.5% ABV)

Age: 17 Year

Origin: United States

Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery


Eagle Rare 17

Eagle Rare 17 Year Bourbon (Fall 2020) is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and is one of the five bottlings in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection released each fall. For the eagle barrels were filled in spring 2002 and were picked from barrels which matured on the first floor of Warehouse P. The Eagle Rare 17 evaporation for this batch was 59%. Bottled with chill-filtration after 18 years and 3 months of aging at 101 proof (although the stated age is 17 Years).

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon (2020 Release)

Eagle Rare 17 Year Bourbon (Fall 2020) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes

Nose: The nose offers both vanilla bean and pudding, as well as candy corn, spearmint and sour cherries.

Palate: The palate begins somewhat soft and mellow, with caramel and cinnamon-dusted coffee cake, and moves towards tannic oak and leather at the back.

Finish: The finish comes on stronger, with a lingering rich sweetness of dark chocolate alongside black pepper.

Distillery Information

Buffalo Trace Distillery is a distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, that is owned by the Sazerac Company. It has historically been known by several names, including the George T. Stagg Distillery and the Old Fire Copper Distillery.

I like this eagle Bourbon and I’d happily buy one for about 100 and I would keep buying it at 100. I would get one at 200 and I might get one at 300. The difference is I’d never buy another one at 200 or 300. I love well aged bourbon, it’s a weakness for me and I often get whiskies that I fully know don’t compare to equal priced scotches, but I just love aged eagle Bourbon and I know the cost to enjoyment level is always out of whack on those. That said this is highly flawed and the 101 proof comes off too low or they did too much filtering, but it’s lacking.


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