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EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name means “smooth, even, and balanced” in Dutch. EFFEN® Black Cherry blends vanilla and black cherry flavors to achieve a balanced finish. Made from premium French wheat, EFFEN® Vodka uses a continuous distillation process, along with natural ingredients to create a smooth taste on the palate. It’s smooth enough to drink straight, though it also complements any mixer with just the right level of sweetness.

EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka

Vibrant, velvety richness with a fruity tang: meet our EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka. Combining the fresh taste of juicy black cherries with the sweet warmth of the finest Madagascan vanilla beans, it’s a confident flavor fusion that celebrates, elevates and never apologizes.

We’ve raised the bar for great cherry vanilla vodkas by cutting across the fruity sweetness with our crystal clear, chill-distilled vodka base. The result? Perfectly balanced glassfuls of pure pleasure. Delicious served neat as bar-slamming shots, it also makes an ideal base for cocktails, so you can build up your favorite flavors and share with friends to let off steam in style.

Vodka Tastes Like: Everything from Fruit to Grass

“The true goal of a vodka producer is to create a clean, pure distillate that retains some character of the base ingredient,” says deBary, in agreeance with many of the other bartenders surveyed. He goes into detail about how those base ingredients can affect vodka’s flavor: “For instance, one of my guilty pleasures, Ciroc vodka, which we serve at Ko and Má Pêche, is made from grapes, and has a distinctly fruity aroma and bright acidity. Ketel One, another one of our favorites, is made from wheat, and so the result is a softer texture. Aylesbury Duck vodka, which we use extensively, is made from Canadian rye and so it is slightly grassy and spicy.”

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