Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon Whiskey



Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon Whiskey

garrison brothers straight bourbon whiskey Have you ever seen a photo of a pile of sleeping puppies and thought to yourself, “Boy I wish I was part of that pile of cuteness?” Well, I’ve had a taste of that the last few nights sleeping with two 7-month-old puppies and a 10-month-old puppy. And if these guys are anything to go off of, that image isn’t nearly as comfortable as it looks. There is a LOT of movement in that pile. Sure, they will go to sleep resting their head on your shoulder. Making you think that they are going to be still and sweet all night. But then BAM! It’s one am and they’ve decided that it is playtime again. And even once they settle back down? So much kicking! Those sweet little puppy dreams aren’t nearly as sweet when what they are “running” across is the small of your back.

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Bourbon Whiskey | 47% ABV

Commercial Description:

The relentless Texas heat is brutal. Out here, it’s 100 degrees nine months out of the year; hotter inside a steel barn. It might seem crazy to buy the highest quality barrels and torture them in this heat, but doing so allows our bourbon to suck all the flavor it can from our new American oak barrels.

As it matures, the bourbon cycles through the wood’s pores and crevices, soaking in the sugars from the sap, and yielding an aroma brimming of butterscotch, nutmeg, and vanilla. Notes of fruit dominate the palate, with hints of butter, whipped cream, angel food cake and oak. The finish is smooth, with chocolate and espresso notes. A true tour de force of flavor.

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