Gosset Grand Rose Brut



Gosset Grand Rose Brut

Gosset Grand Rose  is the oldest known producer of wine in Champagne, its origins going back to 1584. Situated in the tiny Grand Cru village of Aÿ, 5km from Epernay, Gosset has some rather famous neighbours, including Bollinger. Production, however, is much below that of the larger houses, at around 1.3 million bottles, where as Moët & Chandon are nearing 30 million. With this small production, Gosset concentrates on the quality of its wines rather than the quantity.

I used to find the style of Gosset’s Rosé a little ponderous, sometimes almost oxidised. How all that has changed; the wine is now wonderfully clean, with flavours of rosehip, redcurrant and peach, wonderful aromatics and impeccable length. The archetype of great Gosset Grand Rose  Champagne.

Gosset’s Grand Rose Brut is a blend of 58% Chardonnay, 42% Pinot Noir


The Grand Brut Rose is a soft hue of salmon pink with a few ruby-cherry reflections.

The nose is clearly marked by strawberries.

A strong, bright and clear salmon-pink hue, embellished by flighty ruby-red reflections that sporadically revive and exalt the colour of this wine. The first nose is reminiscent of fresh summer fruits, combining the aromas of wild red berries found in bramble hedges and undergrowth in an ordered unity: raspberries, wild strawberries and redcurrants, all ripe red to perfection, blend with the more insistent fragrances of sweet spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

In the mouth candid, generous and full-bodied. The rich, mellow and responsive mouth, lightly structured with exemplary length, immediately proclaims its vivacity, developing the aromatic farandole previously detected in the nose with even greater candour and with one noticeable difference: the invasion of red fruit jams (as opposed to freshly picked fruit) as blackcurrants and morello cherries. The mouthful is generous, opulent and ripe almost from the word go, naturally marrying roundness and concentration. Infinitely silky, its elegant perfume and velvet bubbles tantalize the taste buds and caress the palate.

Well-structure with a constant tension between freshness and fruity roundness, the wine is dominate by a red pulpy fruit — perhaps wild strawberry (cream or as a coulis) — giving a soft, coated sensation. It is round with a beautifully fresh finish.


Due to the gentle nature of this champagne, fruit is an ideal match; as is foie gras for the daring and for the fat and sweetness of the base of this wine. The Grand Rosé Brut also pairs well with fish or shellfish.

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