Heaven’s Door 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

VENDOR: Heaven’s Door
SIZE: 750mL
REGION: Tennessee

PRODUCT TYPE: Bourbon Whiskey


Heaven’s Door 10 Year Bourbon Whiskey

Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey is Bob Dylan’s 10-year-old Bourbon Whiskey which you can buy here. Don’t miss out on this gem: throughout Europe you can buy Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey only from Urban Drinks!


Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey is produced in direct cooperation with the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Ryan Perry and master distiller Jordan Via have developed Heaven’s Door Whiskeys to radiate the unmistakable spirit of Bob Dylan. This is a Tennessee Bourbon. After distillation, it is filtered using the Lincoln County Process, mellowing it a little. This is done with the help of charcoal chips from old sugar maple trees. Afterwards, the Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey matures as the name already suggests for 10 years in finest barrels.


Enjoy Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey once and for all. Its aroma of whole-grain bread and warm nougat invites you to an extensive tasting. A harmony of sugared walnuts and grilled pineapple shines on the palate. The finish rounds off the taste experience perfectly with a beautiful balance of cooked peach and steeped tobacco. Even with 50% alcohol, you can enjoy Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey pure – everything else would be a crime. Cocktail luminary and author David Wondrich described Bourbon Whiskey as “rich and chewy and dangerously drinkable.”


The appearance of the bottle undoubtedly bears Bob Dylan’s signature.  These works of art include various materials collected from all over the United States.

Buy Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey

Buy your bottle of Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey today in our shop. Urban Drinks is the only online shop in Europe that sells Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey. Don’t miss this great drink from Bob Dylan!

Heaven’s Door Spirits, created in partnership with Nobel Laureate and cultural icon Bob Dylan, launches its 10 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon. This Limited-Release is a sumptuous whiskey from beginning to end. With exceptional depth and complexity wrought from a decade spent in toasted American oak barrels, this Limited-Release Bourbon has already received wide acclaim from the whiskey community, including an extraordinary Five Star rating from leading authority F. Paul Pacult.

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