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Jack Daniel’s Rested Rye

Our Tennessee Rye has been “resting” quietly in our barrelhouses these past few years and we invite you to watch it mature along with us with this limited release. The spice character from the rye grain remains from the original Unaged Rye, but the barrels have begun to assert their toasted oak and vanilla notes into the rye whiskey.

Charcoal mellowed, matured in a new white oak barrel and offered only in this small batch. We think you will appreciate how our Tennessee Rye is maturing.

Jack Daniel's Rested Tennessee Rye | Haskell's

Distillery Jack Daniel’s
Series / Description Rested Rye (750ml)
Alcohol ABV 40 %
Cask Strength No
Cask Wood Type American Oak
Cask Number Batch 002
Single Cask No
Packaging Original Box
Bottler Distillery
Country of Origin America
Stopper Cork
Bottle Type Square
Bottle Size 75cl
Neck Level Full Level

Tasting Notes: Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye Whiskey

Vital stats: 80 proof; about $50 for 750.

Appearance: Its relatively limited time in the cask has turned the spirit a light, mild yellow. It’s the color of the edges of an old paperback novel.

Nose: There aren’t many layers here, although there are a few: Sweetened cottage cheese in blintzes,  pipe tobacco, the smell of an old-timey candy store.

Palate: Hello, cherry cordial! It’s like the sweetened cherry filling atop (again) blintzes, like something my Russian great-grandmother would have made. While this is good for nostalgia’s sake, it’s a little unsettling in a whiskey. It isn’t overly sweet though, which I appreciate. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Cherry Coke, this would make a great JD and coke – a lightened, summery version, perhaps?

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