Oola Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey



Oola Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey

This medium-full bodied Bourbon has a bouquet of vanilla, caramel and cherry. The spicy kick of a high rye content is balanced by sweet, smooth corn and the unmistakably silky viscosity of organic Washington soft white winter wheat. Matured in 53-gallon barrels  oola waitsburg bourbon cask strength whiskey , this meticulously handcrafted five-year Bourbon displays notes of brown sugar and maple syrup without the woody harshness that can result from extended micro-barrelling. Its mellow tannins and complex layers unfold into a finish of buttery oak, toffee and again the brightness of fresh cherries.

Vanilla, caramel and cherry on the nose leads to a sweet and smooth taste combined with brown sugar/maple syrup. The oak is balanced with a notable spice contributed by the higher than normal rye content. The finish is long with notes of toffee.

Bourbon Whiskey | 47% ABV

Commercial Description:


On paper, everything seems to check out. This is 5 year-old bourbon which was previously source and blende but is now all maKe with a four-grain mashbill distillate from OOLA’s own small distillery in Seattle. They’re using locally-grown Washington State soft white winter wheat and organic corn from Waitsburg, WA, along with locally-sourced barley and rye Despite some thorough digging, I’m unable to determine what batch number represented the switch from blended sourced bourbon to 100% in-house spirit.  . The mashbill, which probably changes based on grain availability, is around 65% corn, 25% rye, 13% malted barley and 12% white winter wheat.  Also The whiskey is age for a short time in small 10-gallon barrels to kickstart maturation, and then is move into standard 53-gallon barrels. The final bourbon is bottle at a respectable 47% ABV best bourbon

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