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Pinnacle Vodka is a brilliantly clear vodka to the eye, with clean aromas of honeydew rind and ripe tomato. The flavor is very dry with a light viscosity on the tongue. Then you taste notes of white pepper, lemon peel and juniper with a floral finish. There are many famous old names in vodka. Pinnacle ain’t one of them. They’ve only been around since 2002. Does that matter? Not when it tastes this good. Oh, and it’s a great price, too. Pinnacle Vodka is a great everyday spirit for your home bar. It’s tasty and infinitely mixable. How can you mix it? Any way you want, but start with a classic lemon drop. Stick to this formula: Add sour and sweet to spirit. The spirit is the vodka. For sour you have lemons. Your sweet is in the form of granulated sugar, cubes or simple syrup. Smash the lemons; then shake them with vodka, sweetener and ice. Strain that into a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Bang. Got it? Now let’s twist it up. Substitute half of the lemons for tangerines. Swap the simple syrup for peach schnapps. Serve the drink on the rocks in a big mug with soda. Or try one of Pinnacle’s many flavors like Whipped or Kiwi Strawberry. Stick to the sour/sweet/spirit formula and do it your way. Buy Pinnacle Original Flavored Vodka online at a great price on Drizly and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store. Winner of Gold Medal & Best Buy at the 2017 BTI

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