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Product description

SKYY® Vodka was created in 1992 in San Francisco – the land of progress and diversity – by an inventor who dared to imagine a new, better way to make vodka. SKYY Vodka was born out of the pioneering thinking of Maurice Kanbar, who reimagined vodka as the world knew it. When Kanbar could not find a vodka that met his standards of quality to enjoy in a classic martini, he knew it was time to challenge the status quo as only a San Franciscan can do. Embodying his city’s progressive mindset, Kanbar quadruple-distilled the spirit using a proprietary process that, to this day, provides one of the smoothest drinking experiences possible. Backed by our history of innovation, and our core value of continuous evolution, SKYY once again recognized an opportunity to lead the next chapter for the vodka category. What started as one man’s mission to create the perfect Martini has now evolved to include the pursuit of a better Vodka & Soda. Today, SKYY Vodka celebrates San Francisco by joining its namesake with the Pacific Ocean. SKYY is now made with water enriched by Pacific minerals from the San Francisco Bay Area, which add subtle salinity and minerality. They may also reduce bitterness, and enhance the inherent sweetness and/or flavor of some cocktail ingredients, such as grapefruit, elevating your Vodka & Soda drinking experience.

About The Brand

Our beginning was motivated by one man’s search for a better martini. The solution was simple in theory: start with a better vodka. An inventive entrepreneur and engineer who never took “no” for an answer, he set out to create a superior tasting vodka with fewer impurities and unmatched quality. This same fresh approach to vodka-making inspired SKYY Infusions. Our natural or nothing commitment doesn’t just produce flavor, it creates a “True to Fruit” experience. SKYY® Vodka distilled from grain. 40% alc./vol. (80 Proof). ©2021 Campari America, New York, NY. Please enjoy responsibly.

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