Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon


Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon

Smoke Wagon is like many non-distiller producers sourcing from MGP, they imparting their own touch on it to differentiate it from others. In the case of their Small Batch Bourbon, the company ages in the dry heat that the state of Nevada affords, and the end result is one that seems to allow the rye spice to pop a little bit more. So much so that the bourbon borders on being over-spiced. However, the company does meet their stated goals of using older barrels to help tame the spiciness of the younger ones. The end result is a bourbon that steps out of the pack by showing that sometimes you don’t need to carry an age statement or name brand recognition in order to stand out Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon.

The Bourbon & Banter team celebrated our 10th anniversary earlier this year, and we let the mics roll a few times. This episode brings some of those conversations together, which were all done safely and socially distanced once our team was fully vaccinated.

Pops and Bob welcome senior contributors Jim Knudsen and Thomas Fondano for an impromptu blind tasting and some insider info on a few things that you’ll only hear on this podcast. We also make another dive into our ongoing crusade against celebrity bourbon. This segment replaces our standard Bourbon Bullshit segment.

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