Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Halloween Edition X Nulu Reserve Bundle



Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Halloween

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon Whiskey Initially sweet, balanced mouthfeel and spicy notes including white pepper, from the younger vintage and high rye mash bill. Sweet oak flavors, hints of caramel, fruit flavor, and rye spice. Finishes smooth with no burn.

This Edition includes a special Halloween label bottle.

Nulu Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bottled unfiltered at cask strength. The resulting bourbon provides a rich, layered bourbon that punches in above its short time in the barrel. While single barrels can always vary, if this barrel is any representation of their abilities to source barrels, color me impressed.

Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon toes the line of being over spiced, but ends up delivering a sip that will please spice lovers.

Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon is the middle child in the company’s current lineup. It affords less sweetness than its lower proof Straight Bourbon sibling, but doesn’t bring the brashness that its barrel proof Uncut Unfiltered brethren affords. Instead, it stakes its own identity to spice. The sip provides for an overall spicey experience that walks the line of being overdone, but not enough so that the end result still isn’t enjoyable.

Priced reasonably in line with other well known small batch bourbons, Smoke Wagon is able to deliver a pour that can compete and offers a subtle uniqueness that helps it stand up. For those that like a spicy bourbon, Smoke Wagon Small Batch is sure to please.

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