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Product description

Imported from Poland, Sobieski was inspired from the iconic king Sobieski, who defended Europe against the Ottomans. It is made with 100% Rye. Crystalline water gives it an unmistakable silkiness, and continuous rectification, in the highest column still in Europe, creates one of the purest, smoothest vodkas in the world. As Rye Vodka, Sobieski is distinctive and different. No wonder why experts describe Sobieski as Real Vodka. How to drink Sobieski? Up to you! Too many ways to appreciate it: neat, with ice, in a cocktail… your way is the right way!

Frequently asked questions

Is Sobieski vodka good?

Sobieski is a great option at a cost effective price point.

Who owns Sobieski vodka?

Sobieski vodka is owned by Marie Brizand Wine & Spirits.

How many calories are in one shot of Sobieski vodka?

There are 73 calorie in 1 oz of Sobieski vodka.

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