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KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY  George T. Stagg built the most dominant American distillery of the 19th century, during a time known as the Gilded Age of Bourbon george t stagg jr . Uncut and unfiltered, this robust bourbon whiskey ages for nearly a decade and boasts the bold character that is reminiscent of the man himself.

All about George T. Stagg

George T. Stagg is as close to perfection as whiskey gets. The story begins long ago in 1861 when a young Kentucky boy named George enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War. After, he moved to St. Louis, where he got into the business of selling barrels of whiskey. During this time, he befriended E.H. Taylor, the iconic bourbon maker george t stagg jr  — and when times grew hard for Taylor, George decided it was time he started making whiskey himself.

He purchased the O.F.C. distillery (whose barrels he’d been selling those years before), going into business with Taylor and quickly building one of the most powerhouse distilleries in America. Buffalo Trace Distillery, as it later became known, continued under Stagg’s leadership and grew to be among the top in the country and world. They have won Distillery of the Year multiple times since 2000, all due to continuing the magical legacy of George T. Stagg and the quality he sought.

When you open a bottle of George T. Stagg whiskey, you’re tasting a drink that was aged for at least 15 years in a new charred oak barrel. You’re tasting history, tradition and expertise — and you can enjoy it both neat and on the rocks.


Rich, sweet, chocolate and brown sugar flavors mingle in perfect balance with the bold rye spiciness. The boundless finish lingers with hints of cherries, cloves and smokiness.

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