Taittinger Prelude


Taittinger Prelude

Prelude Grands Crus Cuvee is composed of Chardonnay (50%) and Pinot Noir (50%) that Taittinger has selected exclusively from the top Grands Crus vineyards classified as “100%” in the Champagne system Taittinger Prelude . Produced only using first press wines, this rare blend offers the finesse and structure that a great wine needs if it to be laid down for any length of time. Aged for more than five years in the cellar, the Prelude cuvee is unique for its remarkable youth and great wealth of flavors.



The brilliant body is pale yellow with silver highlights, a sign of the high proportion of exceptional Chardonnays. The bubbles are fine and form a persistent and delicately creamy ring of foam.

The wine is subtle and fresh on the nose. The initial mineral aromas quickly give way to green and then floral notes with the fragrance of elderflowers and spicy cinnamon undertones.

The entry onto the palate is clean and lively, dominated by very exceedingly fresh citrus notes. These segue into much fuller, rounder and silkier flavors where white peaches in syrup predominate. The finish is rich, lingering and bursting with flavor.

Prelude Grands Crus is a joyous blend of finesse and complexity. Its balance of freshness and aromatic expression is outstanding.



Prelude “Grands Crus” is a cuvee that makes an excellent aperitif or accompaniment to classic seafood dishes.

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