The Devil’s Keep

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The Devil’s Keep

The new Craft Irish Whiskey Co’s The Devil’s Keep (52% ABV) Buy The Devil’s Keep Devil Keep bourbon , which launched at the end of last month, was distilled back in 1991, beginning in 200-liter “first fill” American oak casks previously holding bourbon. From there, it was transferred to French oak barrels, previously used to house Tawny Port, before finishing in virgin Hungarian oakBuy The Devil’s Keep .

Each bottle of the whiskey, of which just 333 have been released, is designed by Tiago Russo and comes stored in two custom-made cases secured by a custom Japanese-style lock. The cases also include a carafe of pure Irish spring water, an “Angel’s Share” atomizer from a perfumer said replicate “the unmistakable aroma one gets as they walk through the hallowed halls of a maturing whiskey warehouse”, a jar of malted barley sourced from the malting house as the single-malt, two custom-designed glasses and obsidian whiskey stones The Devil’s Keep for sale

An alchemy of water, wood, skill and time creates a whiskey of unparalleled rarity and sublime quality. One of the finest whiskeys ever made; the devil is in the detail Devil Keep bourbon .

The Devil whispers in your ear. Crystal, obsidian, water and whiskey play together in harmonic unity. The Devil’s Keep cascades over semi-precious obsidian whiskey stones; the sound of pure luxury.

Once reserved exclusively for those who walked the halls of whiskey under bond, The Devil’s Keep offers ‘The Angels’ Share’. Released as the whiskey evaporates over time, the aged oak and creamy vanilla has been bottled for the first time.

Masterfully crafted from aged oak and lustrous calfskin. Dark oak frames a stage enveloped in leather as soft as silk. Give way to temptation; possess the Devil.


If you’re thinking ‘no one would pay that’, the following should surprise you. Last month, the Devil’s Keep set a world record for the most expensive inaugural whiskey release ever at auction, selling for USD $60,000 in Houston! The 29-year-old bottles of The Devil’s Keep usher in a new golden age of Irish Whiskey and fills a gap when it comes to ultra-luxury Irish Whiskey. There are 333 bottles of the Whiskey available now, and there are plans to release a further 666 next year. …Copyright © Luxurious Magazine®

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