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William Larue Weller developed his original bourbon recipe with wheat, rather than rye  weller full proof for sale  . Bottled at the same 114 proof the spirit was when it entered into the barrel, this non-chill filtered wheated bourbon forgoes chill filtration to preserve all the naturally occurring residual oils and flavors that occur during the distillation and aging process (potentially making it appear cloudy at cold temperatures). This bourbon balances a rich mouth feel, with robust notes of vanilla and oak. A whiskey that satisfies the demand of the non-chill filtered whiskey enthusiasts, honoring the man who made wheated bourbon legendary  weller full proof retail

Buffalo Trace’s Weller brand is familiar to most folks, offering a range of different Wheated bourbons. Though the mashbill is not exactly known, wheated bourbons typically replace the Rye used with a roughly equivalent amount of wheat. Weller 12 (and Van Winkle “Lot B”!  weller full proof for sale  ) are well known flavors, with many over the years commenting that a higher-proof version of Weller 12 or Lot B would make for a more interesting dram weller full proof store pick

Weller Full Proof first appeared in 2019, and is an expression of this wheated mashbill that has not gone through chill filtering, and is released at 57% ABV. The standard release of Full Proof quickly caught the attention of many reviewers as a more robust alternative to the well-loved Antique 107 and Weller 12 bottlings weller full proof near me


Having a nose of vanilla, dark cherries and caramel. On the palate, there is a balance of caramel and toasted oak. The finish is said to be long, with notes of crème brûlée and chocolate buy weller full proof .

This bottle of Full Proof could not have come at a better time. What you have to understand is that my fiancé has been searching for it for over a year. It’s the one bottle he wanted and want to buy at the retail price, not the secondary market price.

On Friday evening he jumps up from his side of the couch and tells me get dressed we have to go now and I need to drive in the HOV lane  weller full proof price . The reason why, he finally found a liquor store that had one Weller Full Proof bottle and if he could get there right away, they would sell it to him. That was the fastest drive from Boston to Braintree, MA. In the end, we came home with a bottle of Weller Full Proof. The cost, $60  weller full proof msrp

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